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David Titarenco is a twenty-something software engineer from sunny Los Angeles. He is a proponent of open source and has contributed to a number of high-profile projects like Google Go and the Java Kilim microthreading library. An avid gamer, David played Counter-Strike:Source professionally from 2004 to 2008.

He graduated magna cum laude from UCLA where he studied philosophy and mathematics.

The anti-cheat device uses a deceptively simple method of comparing raw controller inputs to game behavior. If the two don't match up, the player is cheating. And no one likes a cheater.

Game:ref is built on the open-source Arduino platform which means it's extensible, powerful, and won't break your bank. Some technical details about the inner workings of the device can be found on this seminal blog post.


Protect Online Gamers

Eliminate 100% of input-based online software cheats. This includes aimbots, triggerbots, no recoil, and others.

Protect Local Competitions

Eliminate 100% of input-based cheats on LAN by providing plug-and-play hardware and user-friend software for organizers.

Keep Cheaters Out

Once a cheater has been identified, quarantine them from the rest of the gaming community.

Work With Developers

Making games is hard enough, developers shouldn't worry about cheaters ruining the experience for the rest of us.

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